I made my first trip to Haiti in 1998. Fell in love with my first orphan in 2000. Started a non-profit to help Haiti in 2003 and started taking teams down on short-term mission trips soon after. I fell in love with Wanna and Fritzon (and a lot of others in the same orphanage) in March of 2010 and had to wait over 2 years to start the adoption process due to the laws of Haiti and a process that is always changing. Our documents were finally submitted and accepted in the fall of 2012 and are currently moving through the court system. We are quickly (hopefully) approaching the end of our adoption. This is my blog to talk about all things related to our adoption and any thing else I think is relevant to it. Enjoy!

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What it costs....

Thank you to the many people who have  helped us raise money and donated.  I have also taken on a second job to contribute to our costs.  Below is what we have been able to cover so far.  To see our fundraisers visit my personal website: www.shastagrimes.com

US Homestudy - $1400
This is a report on our family, our home, our past and our plans/goals for the future.  This determines if we are fit, equipped and eligible for adoption according to both US and Haiti standards.  A US agency can approve couples for adoption and Haiti can read the homestudy and reject the couple... and it happens.

Psychological Evaluations - $200
This evaluates if we are able to handle the process and life of adoption... not everyone can. 

Document Authentication - $350  (Includes mailing costs)
This is where we had to send every document that had been notarized to Tallahassee so they could check and make sure that each notary stamp/seal was authentic.

Document Certification - $500 
After the documents come back from the state capital from being Authenticated they then have to go to a Haiti Consulate in the US to be certified and ready to go to Haiti.

Translations - $400  
Every document must be translated in French so the adoption agency in Haiti can read them.

i600a/i600 - $900 (i600a) / $720 (i600) -
We paid for the i600a and Homeland Security Fingerprints in the fall and
recently paid for the i600.

The i600a is a form that the US government uses to determine if the parents are qualified to adopt from another country.  Since our kids are not biological siblings we have to pay an additional $720 when we file the i600.  The i600 is the US government making sure that the kids we were approved to adopt are in fact, true orphans and eligible to come to the US.

what we still owe:

Attorney FeesI was told I was to pay $8k for one adoption and would work to pay off the other however I was then asked to pay thousands more.  Since resigning due to fraud and corruption I have not received all my documents and have to have some redone.  I'm not sure what this will cost but am trying to raise $1000 to cover this.

This covers all the legal documents, filing fees, Haiti government fees, submission fees and salary for the attorney and anyone who is helping her prepare our dossier and the costs associated with preparing the kids dossiers.  A dossier is the final product of all the paperwork the parents send down in addition to all the documents and paperwork on the children.  It's not easy to get or find original or authentic documents.

Final Stages - $3500 each
not paid yet

This covers all the Immigration phase including documents, MOI, transportation to appointments (Birth Parent interview), Passport, Medical/Immunizations, Visa and any other fees associated including a final adoption payment.

Flights - $2000
not paid yet

This is not counting previous flights to take documents and paperwork down.  When they are ready we will fly down to bring them home.

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